Mr JerkArt is the active brand of the graphic designer Chris Wilson. With a load of exciting projects under the belt across 3 continents, this decidedly simple site will show how, from a tiny studio in which the sun always shines and the sky's always blue, some graphics, webstuff and publishing work which is truly global is entering the world.

After time spent gathering know-how with a rigorous 'in at the deep end' approach within various design houses, Chris has charted his own voyage of risk for the past I4 years, the work steaming on through his recent Caribbean adventures and plentiful projects for places all over the map.

So now that distance is no longer measured in miles, your graphic design needs will be joyfully attended to, from Whitley Bay to Runaway Bay to wherever you are in the world. For more info and enquiries please e-mail Chris at

DesignBITES 1
Creating the name, brand, website and all promotional materials for Tyne Idols, the hugely popular North East events and cultural heritage organisation.2

guavajellyConcept, design and publication of a forthcoming series of fresh, practical Guava Jelly Guides to address Jamaican tourism and the word from the street on watching your back! Currently in development for a spring 2016 launch.

An oil drum washes up on a West Indian shore, where the resourceful folk of the Islands refashion the flotsam of commerce into beautiful things — the music of the steelpan, the tastiest jerk-cart street food — a real design for living.

And now, spreading the love on UK time with fire in his belly and a Macbook on his knee, Mr JerkArt is all set to sizzle-up a searing saga of worldwide webstuff and global graphics.

I love to create marques, logos, typography — whatever the style, whatever the business. I'd do this just for kicks if there were no bills to pay, but here I am to brand your company, project or venue with a front-end that frazzles!
A website presents your info online to the world and, as with all good design, should be kept minimal, clean, and easy to navigate — I provide handsomely crafted yet highly affordable sites, an internet presence with built-in flexibility for future updates and expansion. Diverse past and ongoing projects include global music, tourism, secure sites in conjunction with UK Police, and higher education.
With an OCD-like 'sense of the appropriate' and extensive experience in the 'design for print' of publications, brochures, reports, you-name-it, and a hundred rock biographies which have travelled the world — whether for print or digital view, I design it!

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